Cool Dead Digital Download

Justin and The Cosmics


Justin Collins is the last undiscovered rock and roll hero and everyone in Nashville knows it, not quite fitting into what people would consider commercial. He never let that bother him, instead it fed into creation, plus establishing underground Nashville. Additionally it fueled his producing work, and aided in other bands finding their voice, from Deer Ticks debut album “Divine Providence '' to the indie rock super ground Diamond Rugs, T Hardy Morris, Middle Brother, and many others. He sings like God, will chop the head off any other band on stage, and once was thrown out of Nashville’s scariest bar for turning Iggy Pop all the way up and surfing on a pool table. He’s been on David Letterman and toured Australia, and can weed-wack circles around your favorite country singer. Pat Sansone, of Wilco, produced his last record and Elvis Costello is a fan.

Collins’ latest self-produced album, “Cool Dead,” is his masterpiece. The 12-song record for these times slashes its way out of your speakers like The Cosmics live show, yet soars like an eagle with talons gripping your sad little heart. From the, instant punk classic “Asshole Eyes,” to the album’s epic condemnation of pop culture worship, “Am I Supposed To Care So Much” (with stylistic nods to both Lou Reed and David Bowie’s “Heroes”), to a lonesome and forgotten tune written by Collins’ friend (and Margo Price co-writer) Caitlin Rose, Justin and The Cosmics have finally delivered the album everyone around these parts knew was one day coming. It’s as punk as a freight train, as country as a weed-wacker, and if you’re smart enough to know it, downright terrifying in its beauty.

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1. Whoa Is Me

2. Asshole Eyes

3. Are All My Friends Gonna Be Strangers

4. Am I Supposed To Care So Much

5. Wakin' Up

6. Super Blue (Real Bad Sad)

7. Jeanie's Legs

8. Dirtbike

9. Don't Let Your Hunger Die

10. Born AF

11. Deep Caveman

12. I Wanna Meet You 

Cool Dead Digital Download by Justin and The Cosmics